Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two pears

I enjoy seeing paintings with fruit in them, but as a rule I forget to do anything with fruit but eat it ... by then it's too late. Although to paint a pear with a couple of bites taken out of it would make an interesting enough prop. I need to remember those sorts of things when I'm asking myself "what can I make a fast painting of"?
I had purchased these two pears to have pears and some cheese for after dinner instead of a heavy dessert - then only to have to come up with a something different because the pears were still too hard. There is some light colors representing a window that the scanner just refuses to pick up ... just as well, it really didn't help the painting at all.


  1. The pears are great!

  2. This is lovely--you get such a wonderful glow in your paintings. And thanks for the reminder...I bought some pears especially to paint because they were so pretty and they're still sitting in a bowl in the kitchen.