Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oregon Junco

Another sketchbook watercolor . I seem to be doing everything but the important things I want to accomplish. Maybe soon I'll get back to my full sheet that is sitting on my easel with a little bit of color on it. It could be the weather that keeps me distracted... spring seems to be here in full swing. Sunny one day and rainy the next or rainy in the morning and sunny an hour later.


  1. Your watercolor sketches really amaze me. I love them.

  2. and this is not important? It is really wonderful work and I think important. I think if you are not drawn (excuse the pun) to work on the easel it is because perhaps this is the time to play, to ferment, to grow, to practice.
    There little rant lecture OVER.
    I do so enjoy coming here and seeing your watercolour sketches.

  3. The bird looks alive to me - your watercolour skill is amazing to me.

  4. Thank you Cynthia, Jafabrit, and Fennymun. I think I just get lazy, Jafabrit, and although I have great intention's of some other work - it's just easier to do something little with no care if it goes well or not. As of yesterday though, I've stayed away from the TV and less time on the computer ... this alone will help my enthusiasum, don't ya think??? Thanks guys for your comments... they always mean a lot to me.

  5. This a stunning watercolor!This bird is almost radiant with life!

  6. This is gorgeous Nancy! I know what you mean about the full sheet waiting...I have one of those half-finished that's gathering dust while it waits.