Friday, April 13, 2007

Lavendar Iris

Its the time of year when most of us are so looking forward to doing some gardening after being house-bound through the long winter months.
This small watercolor is from my sketchbook. The book is approximately 5.5" x 8.5" and the paper is somewhere between smooth and having some tooth. So although its takes the watercolor fine, the page buckles a little. At first I didn't care for that, but now I've grown to like it ... feeling the familiarity pages filled with sketches and odds and ends taped/glued to the pages.
Have you noticed that I seem to vacillate between a loose painterly watercolor style and more realistic ... I enjoy them both, but this doesn't help sell paintings to go back and forth.


  1. Beautiful! I so envy people that are able to do flowers *sigh*

  2. Nancy -- I LOVE your loose approach - this flower is absolutely dreamy gorgeous!

  3. Thank you renate and lin. Renate, I'm not sure I can do flowers *giggle* but they are fun to paint.

    Lin...If I really want to capture a flower in a realistic manner it comes very hard, but just fooling around, I can just slop the paper with some color and add some drips and it looks ok. Maybe I should just quit trying with the realistic approach...