Friday, April 25, 2008

Red Tomatoes Framed

Red Tomatoes-Nancy Van Blaricom Framed "Red Tomatoes" with gold leaf
watercolor (10" x 11" Unframed)
Just a little veggie painting to get us all in the mood for fresh juicy tomatoes from the garden. Yes, I know some say tomatoes are a fruit ... ok, so you go ahead and have a nice sliced tomato on your cheerio's.
After painting the tomatoes I felt the background would look best with some Gold Metal Leaf to set them off in a rustic yet elegant way. The gold foil added sparkle to an otherwise dark painting when the background was left a darker green that is seen at the edges of the foil.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Completed - Foggy Island Bridge

 Foggy Island Bridge-Nancy Van BlaricomSOLD Foggy Island Bridge 22" x 30" watercolor

Finally .... after thinking about this scene for such a long time, I've completed this full sheet watercolor.

Scenes such as this, with the fog and the green trees, are pretty typical of the Pacific Northwest. When I'm out and about seeing these types of landscapes, they almost take my breath away. I wouldn't want to live any where else.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Foggy Island Bridge

Below are three progress photo's of a painting I introduced you to back in October 2007. I think I have shown you the first two at that time. In the first photo, I have the drawing and a few washes of indigo with some ultramarine blue that have very little pigment in the water. In the second photo I have more washes of the indigo mixture and I'm beginning to shape some of the trees and the bridge. Today I worked more on this painting and it's beginning to take on some substance. I've begun to shape the large rocks started working on the trees and shrubs on this side of the bridge on ramp. I've added some definition to the boat ramp and the dock area.
Foggy Island Bridge-first washes progress photo's of "Foggy Island Bridge" #1

Foggy Island Bridge-#2progress photo's of "Foggy Island Bridge" #2

Foggy Island Bridge-step #3progress photo's of "Foggy Island Bridge" #3

In thinking about this painting I realize that I enjoy painting in watercolor by getting the first washes down and then putting the painting away for awhile. Although this is far from finished I do think the next steps will come easier now that it has sat untouched for a while. I do keep these paintings out in the open where I can see them, so they are not really forgotten. I like thinking about what area I should work on next and how I should accomplish the look I want when I work on it again. If I put it away for awhile I can see where I need value, where I need color etc. that I can't see when I originally start out painting.

If you work in watercolor, how do you prefer to work? Do you usually like to finish your painting in the first (and only) setting or do you like to take your time and to work on the painting for days before you complete it?