Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow, this is harder than it looks.........


I'm still attempting to work in oils.  My, but this is much harder than you oil painting bloggers make it look.  You can see by the photo's above - the photo I took of the pumpkin and some fall leaves on a white background, then I turned it into black and white after I had completed my painting to see if I as close in values.  Not so good ...

A few issues I'm having is that:

  • To thin the oil paint I find that I have more than once used turpentine to thin the paint instead of my  medium.
  • My brush strokes are bazaar at best, I'm not use to seeing shapes.
  • Not knowing what brushes to use and when.
  • I'm also wondering if this set-up with the fall leaves was too much for me at this stage of my learning oil paints.
Those issues above really have nothing to do with the poor drawing skills I've shown, but non-the-less I'm going to continue my oil painting journey.

I'm open to all suggestions and advise ....( except 'quit while I'm ahead').

Friday, November 12, 2010

Exercises in oil paints

I'm still attempting to go back to the basics.  For now I'm trying my hand at oil paints. So far I am omitting color from each sketch, focusing on form and value. In the photo above you see where I massed in all the objects into one using only burnt sienna. In the photos below I also used white and where I'm not only trying to make recognizable shapes but also trying to show where my light source is coming from.
  I have started keeping some notes and questions I have as I use them and assume I will learn as I go.

I was using a canvas pad for my support for these exercises then decided the work wasn't worthy of the canvas and switched to card stock.  For now that's fine. I didn't paint on yellow canvas or blue canvas or card stock.  I'll attempt to correct the lighting and camera settings next time I photograph the work.