Thursday, March 22, 2007

Huckleberry Branch

Today I surprised myself by remembering to pick up something to sketch while on my daily 2 mile walk. After walking most of the way with friends, I walked a couple of blocks by myself. I found myself with only a few bird sounds as background chatter. The Huckleberry bushes are profuse around here and lately I've noticed there are a lot of tiny pink blossoms on most of the bushes. This is exciting news ... possibly some Huckleberry Jam or pies in my future. So naturally I felt compelled to bring home a very tiny, wee, small branch.(do you notice the guilt in my voice for having picked some possible berry's in the making?)

Also, I think I'll admit to you all that I realize sketching and painting with the cat laying on my lap in dim light watching Jeopardy isn't giving me the best results.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it a nut ... is it a fruit? says that the ACORN is the "fruit" of the oak tree, actually a specialized nut borne in a cup-shaped structure. So, guess it's both a nut and a fruit ... huh? Sometimes facts just confuse the issue.
I keep forgetting to pick up something on my daily 2 mile walk to sketch ... I'm pretty sure that's because I walk with anywhere from 6 to 8 other people and we are talk, talk, talking ... but today while looking for something else in my studio, I found these beautiful large acorns that I had gathered last summer while at a family reunion. A number of us grabbed a hand full to take home. Wonder what the others did with theirs? These were fun to sketch with my pencil and paint with my water-filled brush.