Thursday, March 22, 2007

Huckleberry Branch

Today I surprised myself by remembering to pick up something to sketch while on my daily 2 mile walk. After walking most of the way with friends, I walked a couple of blocks by myself. I found myself with only a few bird sounds as background chatter. The Huckleberry bushes are profuse around here and lately I've noticed there are a lot of tiny pink blossoms on most of the bushes. This is exciting news ... possibly some Huckleberry Jam or pies in my future. So naturally I felt compelled to bring home a very tiny, wee, small branch.(do you notice the guilt in my voice for having picked some possible berry's in the making?)

Also, I think I'll admit to you all that I realize sketching and painting with the cat laying on my lap in dim light watching Jeopardy isn't giving me the best results.


  1. It's a nice sketch--I don't think I've seen huckleberries before. That's funny about trying to paint with a cat on your lap while watching tv in dim light. My cat insists on sitting on my paintings while I'm working on them because he likes to get under the warm desk lamp.

  2. Ha! That's pretty funny about painting while sitting with the cat watching Jeopardy. =) My cat would be too busy batting my brush around if I were to try painting with him in my lap. Luckily I paint and stand.

  3. Lovely! I've never tasted huckleberries before.

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  5. Nancy Van Blaricom said...
    Thanks Jana, the huckleberry's are a pretty bush, just in case you are interested, here is a link to see them and learn a little about them.

    Today is Caseys (my cat) tenth birthday. We helped him celebrate by having canned tuna today. He was excited about his birthday evidently, because he ran through the house 3 or 4 times before stopping to talk to us.

    Michael, I stand also when painting. But when sketching I mostly sit.

    Cynthia, the Huckleberry is very much like a blueberry, usually smaller though. When the berries come on we can take our two mile walk eating the berries going and coming. Yummy.