Monday, April 02, 2007

A little birdie ...

This little ceramic bird has been in my possession for so long that I can't remember exactly when I got it. It was in a secondhand store, and seemed to be calling my name to buy it. Its a very plain little bird with very few details, drab in color ... and yet so very sweet looking. I always keep it in my studio perched on the speaker to my computer. I used an HB mechanical pencil and watercolor, in my nearly completed sketchbook. It was a great day, very much looking like a perfect spring day. The bird and the weather were a natural go-together.


  1. Well as you know I am kind of bird obsessed at the mo, hey my family nickname is spuggy LOL! This is soooooo sweet.

  2. Wonderful Sketch! I wish I was more dedicated to sketching...