Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vinca Minor

I had a very creative enjoyable day. I was able to get two more greeting cards printed ( that means 12 of each subject ), also being full of creative energy I was able to get a wash on a full sheet painting I'm working on. It will need a few more washes to get the perfect color I'm after, but I'm starting out very light and will end being a nice soft even light foggy wash.

With the sun shining and all the signs of spring around, I couldn't resist getting out and doing a little gardening. One of my favorite ground covers is Vinca Minor - Common Periwinkle. It is a pretty evergreen, with little blue flowers. It makes a nice ground cover in shady locations or under woody plants. Some people have said that the Vinca Minor plant can be pretty invasive, but when I've planted this before, it did just what I had in mind... being a ground cover under huge Cedar trees where nothing else would grow. Also, I was able to get some geraniums planted in some pots by my front door.

Maybe my daily 2 mile walk is finally giving me some energy.

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