Sunday, July 29, 2007

Now, where was I ...

I'm sorry to say that I wasn't able to attend the Lavender Festival this year. I had not been feeling very well and had to cancel. Pat, the owner of the Lavender fields was very understanding and I'm hoping she will let me attend next year as a vendor.

Recently, friend and fellow artist Maeona, posted on her blog a short paragraph about palette knives, which made me realize that although I have been doing a little oil painting, I have very little in the way of oil painting supplies. So to help remedy that I purchased one small palette knife and three 5" x 7" canvas boards the last time I was in town (its a small start). I have no idea what kind of knife I purchased, but it was so different from the other palette knife that I own (inherited from my mothers art supplies) that I had to purchase it. After reading her blog I realize that each knife is used for a different purpose. Maybe someone will share with me what purpose each are are used for. My new one is the small cute one in the photo ... short and pointy.

Recently I found instructions on on Wet Canvas! for making a small pochade out of a cigar box. I've been wanting one to use when out with my plein air group, and thought it may be fun to work on, plus be a lot less expensive than purchasing one. This photo is the cigar box that I bought on e-bay. Next time we are in town I'll purchase the other materials to complete this project.

Once again I really enjoyed being at the Saturday Farmers Market this last Saturday. I was able to visit with with numerous customers. Some just visiting, others asking for certain prints, some sharing why they like this one or that. This is what is so great about being at the market .... getting to know and enjoy your customers. I think I'm hooked.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sailboat Linoleum Print

Harmony on tide grid
This is a mono print I did of our sailboat up on the tide grid. I am pretty new to printing and now that its done I can see that I could have done some things differently to make it a better print ... remove more linoleum in some places, done a better job of coating the lino block with the ink, etc. Even with these mistakes I can still recognize it as our boat and that Harmony is on the tide grid. I have only done a couple of prints before and I find them mesmerising to work on. I became so engrossed with this one, trying to decide what to remove and what to leave behind. I may continue to work on this to see if I can't improve some of the lines of the hull.

Today our weather has changed. I woke up to pounding rain ... which I welcome with open arms. I love the cool rainy days in the North West - even if I am in the minority. Today my husband and I put the sail boat up on the tide grid to do some maintenance on our boat. The tide was in high enough for us to put it on the grid at 7:30 a.m., by noon the boat was completely out of the water enough so that work could be done and we will put it back into its boat slip about 7:30 this evening.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lavender Festival

Harstine Island Lavender Festival
Summer time, as a rule, always makes me feel creative, but this year I seem to have slowed down in the creative department and I think its because of the heat we've been experiencing here in the northwest. Its undoubtly been hotter in other parts of the country, but being a native of the Northwest, it is turning out to be a little too hot at times for me.
Last Saturday, yesterday, I once again attended the Harstine Island Farmers Market. I'm finding it to be a fun endeavour. I'm enjoying meeting and talking to the people who come by to look/buy my work or just to visit. Because of the success I've had at the Farmers Market, I've decided to have a booth at the Harstine Island Lavender Festival next Saturday and Sunday. It should be a fun time ... with a lot of entertainment both days. Food, Drinks both prepared with lavender, live music, art and crafts, massage ... and plants.
If you are in the area please stop by and say hello.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Vacation ...

We have been gone for a week, sailing around South Sound, in our boat for the last week. We had decided to stick around locally and see more of the local surroundings instead of going on a longer, out of area location this year. The weather has been beautiful, if not too warm most days. Because of the warm weather I guess, I spent my days reading mostly, although I brought plenty of art supplies. I had read To Kill a Mockingbird years ago, as well as A Catcher in the Rye, but thought it was time to reread them. I spent most of my time reading Charles Reids book Watercolor Secrets. He makes watercolor look so easy. He is a master of understanding that value is really the important item in his work. He can put a pink and a green next to each other and having the the same intensity and value ...... they appear to be just what was needed. I always feel I need the proper color AND value. I've owned the book since it first was out in print and have read it numerous times... I think this time more of it sank in. Hawthorne on Painting is always fun because you can pick it up and read any page and benefit from it.

It is suppose to be hotter this week and I'm glad to be home where it will be cool. I've cleaned my studio a little and will try to work on a large painting I've been started some time ago ... maybe the time is right.....FINALLY.