Monday, November 18, 2013

Just off the easel….

I don't often paint florals but when I saw these beautiful peonies I couldn't wait to see if I could capture the delicate and exquisite beauty of their dainty pink petals. Can you tell peonies are my very favorite flowers?

Three Peonies, 10" x 10", Oil on canvas, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

 Side view of Three Peonies, 10" x 10", Oil on canvas, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

Recently I purchased a few gallery wrapped 10" x 10" canvases.  I like the idea of not having to frame a painting in order to show it to the public.

I love to see a beautifully framed painting, yet, frames are as much a personal choice as the painting itself.  I usually frame my paintings inexpensively just to be able to show the work … affordable framing. I think passing on that price to the purchaser is better than me framing it in an expensive frame and having to pass on that price only to have the buyer reframe the work in an expensive frame of their choice.

I always offer to sell my work unframed … maybe by using the gallery wrapped canvas people can live with the art until they can make up their mind as to which frame would suit the painting best.

What are your thoughts to the framing issues?  do you always buy work pre framed.  Would you buy an unframed work and have it framed later?  I would love to hear your thoughts on framing…..