Sunday, December 02, 2007

Crayon sketch

Here's the same ol' mug Ive drawn before.

There are times when I'm sitting in my recliner watching t.v. yet I still want to be drawing or painting, yet, I don't want to go into the studio right then. That's when I gather up my pack of 16 Crayola Crayon's and still get the color I want without using my watercolors. I love how they are so user friendly and clean. If you drop a crayon, no big deal, just pick it up. Nothing to clean up - as opposed to oils or watercolors that could do some damage to my chair, floor, table etc. Also, I love the availability of crayon's, and how well they travel if you want to carry them in your purse. Let's hear it for Crayon's!

I'm finished with the two bazaar's I wanted to try selling at this year. Although this was my first year selling at bazaars I did ok and gained some insight as to what I would do differently if I choose to try this again. One thing I really appreciate is that I had a good friend volunteer to come with me ... she was a great help in setting up and helping me through-out the events. You know who yours friends are when they are willing to sit all day with you in a crowded bazaar setting and help you set the stage with your wares, don't you?