Tuesday, June 28, 2016

:: Keeping the Momentum Going ::

Sometimes it's so hard to get back to work in the studio after a break. If you are an artist have you ever felt that way after you've been away for a while?

I have, but, surprisingly I haven't felt it very hard to get back to the studio since we've moved.  Maybe it is the new studio where I have light coming in from two walls with floor to ceiling windows. One north wall and one east wall.

Walking into the studio with this natural light is very inspiring to me. Or, maybe its because I haven't forced myself to be in the studio. Or, maybe it's not the studio, but, because it just feels right.

When I have been kept from my studio the last few months its because of things like new flooring, painting the house, landscaping & roofing.  Believe me these things are time consuming, but, things we felt we wanted done before we could really feel this was home, our home.

But even those things haven't kept me from being motivated.

Mum's - Nancy Van Blaricom

Since our move I've finished 4 paintings! I've done some sketching and continued reading art books. I've participated in 2 webinars & taken 1 online workshop. I've met a new art friend who I've painted with a few times and even attended the Sequim First Friday Art Walk. Yesterday was the last meeting of the Olympic Peninsula Art Association for the season. But, in September when they meet again I plan on attending and hopefully finding some more friends that I can talk shop with.  I am motivated !

What about you, when you've been away from your art for a while do you feel it is easy to climb back in the saddle?

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