Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Art of a Sketchbook

The Art of a Sketchbook

Crab Claws Sketch, 5" x 7", Graphite sketch, ©2012 Nancy Van Blaricom

Hey, hows your summer goin'? Are you getting out enjoying the weather while you can?  Are you Plein Air painting or sketching or maybe both?

I thought I'd share this sketch of a sun bleached crab claw I found on the beach.  I only found the one claw but turned it over to sketch a different angle, making it look like two claws. I like seeing one object drawn over and under the first sketch.  I stopped a bit early before I accomplished that but it was a fun sketch any way.  My apology for the horrible photo but it was the best of about 8 attempts, *sigh.

Also, I wanted to share a book I purchased recently.  You may own it already, heard of it or maybe have at least seen it around.  Its Danny Gregory's book The Creative License.  It's a fun easy read and gets you excited about doing some drawing/ sketching.  Danny gives us permission to sketch without thinking we need to create perfect art.