Wednesday, August 02, 2017

No apologizes for not posting in such a long time ...

No apologizes for my lengthy absence in posting  ...

While not apologizing I will share with you some things that have taken place since my last blog post.

Some how there seemed to be a rash of small health issues that came out of the blue.  An aching shoulder, a neck issue, a knee that kept clicking whenever I bent my knee, and a hand/ finger issue.  None of them major ... just an irritant.  Thank goodness thats all behind me now.

Our lovely 13 year cat Odessa was losing weight and not eating like her normal self.  After a few veterinarian appointments she was diagnosed with a hyper-thyroid.

The treatment we chose for her was Radioiodine Therapy.  She had to stay at the treatment center four nights.  We missed her so much during that time, but finally she was able to come home and has spent the last month resting and gaining back some of the weight she had lost.

Its such a relief to have those issues behind us!  And now we are getting back to the good life we enjoy.

Each year Sequim celebrates the development and support of the irrigation ditches which brought water to the once dry prairies of the town.  This year was the 122 festival celebration and celebrated May 5th- thru the 14th. They celebrate with a car show, huge parade, large logging show, & carnival.  To say the least, there is a lot of things going on during the week.  It is a major event and most of the town comes out to celebrate. This year we chose to take a helicopter ride over the town that was offered.  It was our first time in a helicopter and it was amazing to see the area from this perspective.  What fun. When we landed I told my husband we needed to buy a helicopter it was so fun. Hmmm, guess that isn't going to happen.

Pre take-off

We saw some amazing views while on the helicopter ride

The end of March we took our camp trailer down to Southern California to visit our daughter.  It was nice and warm and we could sit out in the morning sun enjoying our coffee.  We decided to come back Hwy 1 & 101.  Heading back up north we started encountering rainy weather as you can see in the photo of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Many of the sights we saw while there and driving home.
More recently, in July, we enjoyed Sequim's Lavender Festival.  There are lavender plants in the yards of many homes not to mention numerous fields in the area.  Each beautiful and smelling amazing.

One of the many lovely lavender fields in Sequim.

Thanks for following along on my art journey.