Friday, March 26, 2010

Beach art and more ....

beach art
The above photo is of some very fun beach art I found one day. I'm not sure how a person happened to have some paint with them at the time of doing some beach combing, but I'm glad they did. The yellow paint made the driftwood look like an eagle, really, they had even attached some found feathers... not eagle feathers, they looked more like seagull feathers. On the right side of the eagle there is a face painted. You can see it's a woman with her mouth open sporting some pretty red lipstick. Then facing you, you see the drift has a face painted on it. Below that on the right is a painted face of a raccoon. It doesn't look as much like a raccoon here in the photo as it did in person. I never did figure out what the painted arm of the driftwood on the lower left was suppose to represent .... but, the whole things made me smile. I love it!

The other thing I want to share with you is a wildlife artist and author I've recently discovered, Sherry Chadwell. She has a weekly newsletter she sends out sharing some of the happenings she and her husband Jim encounter with their surroundings and creatures in their area. You can subscribe to these weekly stories on her web-site here. She also has a delightful book, The Saga of Peabody and other True Life Adventures, you can order off her site. Its filled with numerous short stories and sketches. I could go on and on about the delights of her stories, but you should just go find out for yourself.
Sherry  Chadwell