Sunday, December 02, 2007

Crayon sketch

Here's the same ol' mug Ive drawn before.

There are times when I'm sitting in my recliner watching t.v. yet I still want to be drawing or painting, yet, I don't want to go into the studio right then. That's when I gather up my pack of 16 Crayola Crayon's and still get the color I want without using my watercolors. I love how they are so user friendly and clean. If you drop a crayon, no big deal, just pick it up. Nothing to clean up - as opposed to oils or watercolors that could do some damage to my chair, floor, table etc. Also, I love the availability of crayon's, and how well they travel if you want to carry them in your purse. Let's hear it for Crayon's!

I'm finished with the two bazaar's I wanted to try selling at this year. Although this was my first year selling at bazaars I did ok and gained some insight as to what I would do differently if I choose to try this again. One thing I really appreciate is that I had a good friend volunteer to come with me ... she was a great help in setting up and helping me through-out the events. You know who yours friends are when they are willing to sit all day with you in a crowded bazaar setting and help you set the stage with your wares, don't you?


  1. Sitting and sketching like you do is something I should do.
    crayons can be fun.
    I'm thinking about going back to doing art festivals again. Maybe we can virtually support each other.

  2. Toni, I do not sketch as much as I "think" about sketching. I always think I should sketch, but then come up with one excuse or another.Usually, I think "I don't want to sketch that ... it will take me too long" ... and really, I've timed myself before and it doesn't take me that long. I AM getting tired of always sketching the same thing ... my same ol' mug.

    As you've read, I have very little experience selling this way, and it can be a rough crowd, *wink*. Supporting each other virtually sounds great.

  3. What glorious effects you've achieved with crayons!!!! You've made this mug sing!

  4. Love your mug done with crayon!
    ... been thinking of trying an art festival too...I've never really put my art out there for sale. I'll keep checking back for inspiration!

  5. Yhis is such a nice, soft and dreamy sketch! You're right about the crayons, they are actually totally underused!

  6. You've done a lot with crayons, Nancy! I would have guessed it was colored pencils.

    While I favor water color crayons, I do so love, Crayola's water color pans for kids. The colors are so juicy and just pop.

  7. Thank you lin, Bec, Ronell and Cynthia. I seem stuck for now trying to complete a commission, and although it's going well, I feel its really dragging on and on. I'm looking forward to starting some other projects ...

  8. Hmm - when I use crayons I don't get wonderful results like this! this is lovely.