Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lavender Festival

Harstine Island Lavender Festival
Summer time, as a rule, always makes me feel creative, but this year I seem to have slowed down in the creative department and I think its because of the heat we've been experiencing here in the northwest. Its undoubtly been hotter in other parts of the country, but being a native of the Northwest, it is turning out to be a little too hot at times for me.
Last Saturday, yesterday, I once again attended the Harstine Island Farmers Market. I'm finding it to be a fun endeavour. I'm enjoying meeting and talking to the people who come by to look/buy my work or just to visit. Because of the success I've had at the Farmers Market, I've decided to have a booth at the Harstine Island Lavender Festival next Saturday and Sunday. It should be a fun time ... with a lot of entertainment both days. Food, Drinks both prepared with lavender, live music, art and crafts, massage ... and plants.
If you are in the area please stop by and say hello.


  1. Believe me, I totally understand how the heat can slow you down. Luckily its been a little cooler this week here, but otherwise it's been miserable....yuck.

  2. Good luck for this coming weekend! Were I closer, I would've been there.
    You could always pack some of that heat up and send it my way here in France...we did have a magical weekend, just to return to the rain on Monday, but that is K. I had a great sunny weekend.
    Thanks for your support on my last post...really appreciate it!