Sunday, July 29, 2007

Now, where was I ...

I'm sorry to say that I wasn't able to attend the Lavender Festival this year. I had not been feeling very well and had to cancel. Pat, the owner of the Lavender fields was very understanding and I'm hoping she will let me attend next year as a vendor.

Recently, friend and fellow artist Maeona, posted on her blog a short paragraph about palette knives, which made me realize that although I have been doing a little oil painting, I have very little in the way of oil painting supplies. So to help remedy that I purchased one small palette knife and three 5" x 7" canvas boards the last time I was in town (its a small start). I have no idea what kind of knife I purchased, but it was so different from the other palette knife that I own (inherited from my mothers art supplies) that I had to purchase it. After reading her blog I realize that each knife is used for a different purpose. Maybe someone will share with me what purpose each are are used for. My new one is the small cute one in the photo ... short and pointy.

Recently I found instructions on on Wet Canvas! for making a small pochade out of a cigar box. I've been wanting one to use when out with my plein air group, and thought it may be fun to work on, plus be a lot less expensive than purchasing one. This photo is the cigar box that I bought on e-bay. Next time we are in town I'll purchase the other materials to complete this project.

Once again I really enjoyed being at the Saturday Farmers Market this last Saturday. I was able to visit with with numerous customers. Some just visiting, others asking for certain prints, some sharing why they like this one or that. This is what is so great about being at the market .... getting to know and enjoy your customers. I think I'm hooked.


  1. Those watercolors on wood are really interesting. I've never seen that before. I like your little cigar box. I have a bunch of them in the studio. They're so handy for storing things you want handy and for propping up watercolor blocks. I bought a "real" pochade box this weekend--a Guerilla Painter Box and I love it. I'll be writing about it and posting photos soon. And I bought a painting knife too. I haven't tried using it yet though.

  2. I didn't realize water color works on wood! Very interesting.

    I have done some oil painting in the past and have a few palette knives, but couldn't tell you their specific official uses. I think I use whichever one feels right for the job I'm attempting.

  3. I never figured out what the different knives are for either, but I tend to use the little trowel-shaped ones for painting. The really long flexible ones - I never paint with them but they're good for cleaning your palette quickly. And your post reminded to try some knife painting again - I hadn't done that in a while, so thanks!