Thursday, August 02, 2007

Every Day Matters ...

I had decided long ago not to join the Every Day Matters Yahoo Group, but I love the idea where you are challenged to draw things on the list. My sketchbooks are filled with items that are on the list, but just recently decided I'd use one of my Moleskines for the Every Day weekly Challenges.summer shoes sketch
Drawn yesterday (with pencil on computer paper) before I thought of putting the drawings into my Moleskine

2nd sketch of summer shoes

Today's effort - Zig Millennium pen in Moleskine.


  1. FABULOUS lines and shadings, Nancy!!

  2. I like the idea and I like your drawing :)

  3. Great idea and wonderful sketches. I like the idea of starting a new Moleskine with EDM #1 and going from there. So many great ideas, so little time for all of them!

  4. Love the drawings, Nancy! When I was in school, we painted shoe self portraits. They tell so much about the wearers.

  5. Great sketches of these sandals!