Monday, August 20, 2007

A couple of E.D.M. sketches

Draw a Lamp E.D.M. Challenge #2

Today after a yoga class and a couple of loads of laundry I decided it was time to work a little on my E.D.M. list of Challenges that I printed out some time ago. This first photograph is of a floor lamp that has been in my family for some time. My maternal grandparents had this in there living room when I was a child, then my mother had it in her living room for years, now it is mine and I have it displayed proudly behind our couch and beside a palm. The shade has been recovered numerous time, and most recently I have chose a red fabric with a small gold pattern throughout. Although you can't see it with this drawing there are also gold and red beaded fringe on the bottom.

E.D.M Challenge # 3 Draw a wallet or purse.

I love my wallet, It's perfect for me. Once opened you will find on each side, slots to put your drivers license, credit cards, photo's or even some folded mad money. Then in the center there is room for your change and a few bills. Perfect for someone who doesn't want to carry too much.


  1. Okay, call me silly, but what does EDM stand for?? Love the sketches regardless!


  3. Thank you Cynthia. EDM stands for Every Day Matters. It is a book that Danny Gregory wrote, and now there is a Yahoo group. Weekly a new item is placed on the list of things to draw - a challenge to draw. I do not belong to the group, but love the idea of having a list of items to draw from ... so no excuses of "what do I draw"? Some one please correct me if I didn't explain that right ....

    Thanks Lin. I did not do the lamp justice... it really is a pretty lamp.

  4. These are delightful sketches and I really like the delicate way you added just the right amount of color to the room sketch. It's nice to see you back posting again and good to hear of your success selling your work too.