Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally finished my second landscape oil

Nancy Van Blaricom ~ completed oil

Nancy Van Blaricom ~ almost finished oil I can't believe it has been so long since I first started this oil painting.
The last post about it was on June 26th of this year, and, this is what it looked like (photo at right) at the end of that painting session.

Now that I've completed it, I'm not sure that its better, but I do know that I'm done and won't add another drop of oil to this painting.

Some of the things I learned from this painting.

  1. Think about shape... forget about all the detail
  2. get your drawing right the first time around
  3. I need to paint more and do alla prima ... (A style of painting where, instead of building colours up with layers, the painting is done in one session while the paint is still wet. From the Italian word which literally means at once.)
  4. Decide right away if you want a high key or low key painting

I thoroughly enjoyed the two landscape oil paintings I have done. I don't think either one is an award winners, but they have been so enjoyable to paint ... and isn't that really why I did them?


  1. AWESOME, Nancy! I can't even imagine doing anything with oils -- you make it look efforless! Gorgeously done!

  2. This looks great--I just wish the image was larger so I could see in a little more detail. And Yes! Oil is just so darn much fun. I'm loving it too. When I read instructional materials about oil painting and see the great works in the museums and on the web I start to get discouraged, thinking how much I still have to learn and wondering if I'll ever get "there". But then I remember how much fun it is to do and how much I love learning and feel happy to know there's lots more learning to do.

  3. Looks great! It's so interesting how we decide when something's finally fininished...

  4. Hi, Nancy,

    Your landscape is beautiful. I've always wanted to try oils, but my respiratory issues guarantee that I never will.

    Good thing I prefer the PC!

    My favorite creative writing teacher used to say that "Knowing when to stop is everything." That lesson has really come in handy with my art.

    Looks like you've learned it well!

    You're just one of several bloggers I've read, today, that are using or planning to work with more oils. Must be something in the air!

  5. Me too, I love oils and yes, it is all about doing something you love, exploring it, experimenting, dare, play around with and all the time enjoying it.
    Your landscape has all of these qualities..

  6. Thanks Lin, Jana, Cynthia, W.J. and Ronell for all your comments. I don't think I've ever found anything I do with out a struggle Lin, Jana... maybe its small so no one can see the details, on purpose,*wink. Cynthia, in this case it was complete when I'd finally said I don't care what it looks like... I'm tired of it! Thats how this one got the "finished" sign of approval.
    W.J ... shame on you for not being around more often... I've missed you, now stick around. Ronell ... your comments are like your blog always a inspiring to read, I become encouraged... thank you.