Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Grape Hyacinth

I find this is the time of year that everyone is sharing plants with each other.

This is a sketch of some grape hyacinth.

I'm finding that I'm not very motivated today to work on the important things that need to be done today if not sooner ... I have 15 days to finish a full sheet painting I'm working on to enter in the local spring art show and some of those day's are planned with other events. Also the Farmers Market that I plan on selling some works at this summer will soon start and although I have some inventory I still need to expand on that quite a bit. Meanwhile I'm finding myself getting distracted with other things. But....Today I will:

  • get the first signs of the image on the full sheet of paper
  • print out 2 more cards and package them
  • work at putting the greeting cards on my web-site (I worked on this yesterday but was not happy with the layout... but I'll work to see if I can't come up with something I an happy with.)


  1. I love gardening myself and am so looking forward to the last frost date!

    I'm in a garden club and we swap plants/bulbs too. To me it makes it more special to have a little bit of shared bounty.

    I'm thinking of selling at a farmer's market this summer too. Have you done it before and was it a good experience?

  2. No, I've never tried selling to the farmer's market before, so it's going to be a little intimidating for me ... anyway it will be the first time. Fortunately the farmers market I'll try is about 2 miles away and doesn't cost a thing to sell there. I think this is a good way for me to give selling, in this venue, a try. Its only 2 hours on Saturdays, and receives quite a few market shoppers. Hopefully this will be a great experience and I'll find numerous collectors who wants to buy all my work *wink*.