Friday, November 12, 2010

Exercises in oil paints

I'm still attempting to go back to the basics.  For now I'm trying my hand at oil paints. So far I am omitting color from each sketch, focusing on form and value. In the photo above you see where I massed in all the objects into one using only burnt sienna. In the photos below I also used white and where I'm not only trying to make recognizable shapes but also trying to show where my light source is coming from.
  I have started keeping some notes and questions I have as I use them and assume I will learn as I go.

I was using a canvas pad for my support for these exercises then decided the work wasn't worthy of the canvas and switched to card stock.  For now that's fine. I didn't paint on yellow canvas or blue canvas or card stock.  I'll attempt to correct the lighting and camera settings next time I photograph the work.


  1. These are such important exercises, Nancy!

  2. Hey Nancy, just scrolled through your blog (and saw your studio organization)--great job! ....and I love your burnt sienna studies...keep them coming!