Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hang it, Dang it!

Click image to enlarge ~ Arakawa wall hanging system

My husband has always wanted me to hang more of my work in our home, but I just didn't want nail holes all over the place. I have one large painting in the living room, a group of 3 small ones in a guest bedroom and thats it. This year, for Christmas, we bought a wall hanging system to hang my work from and I love it. I can change my paintings as often as I want with out worry of damaging the walls.

When we lived in Oregon, the local Columbia Center was where the local art guild had all of our art shows.  The Center researched hanging systems and found Arakawa, in Portland Oregon to purchase a wall hanging system. We could have monthly shows with out hurting any of the walls.  Because I knew the quality of the product, when we were ready to purchase a hanging system I thought of Arakawa.   The rail is hung high on the wall, wires are slid into the rail and placed anywhere you want.  You can use as many wires as you need to hang your work from.  Its a great quality hanging system and if you are in the market for such a thing I highly recommend them.  I'm thrilled with it.

Wishing you the very best for 2012.


  1. Thanks for your suggestion. You must have been reading my mind.I just had the painters in, and I can't bear the thought of nailholes in those beautiful smooth walls.

  2. Nancy -- great post! You always have the best information. Thank you for sharing details about Arakawa. Happy New Year!!!

  3. I've considered a hanging system numerous times. It is nice to hear a fellow artist make a recommendation!

  4. sounds like a great solution...thanks for the tip!

  5. Hi Nancy...
    Interesting... I've seen this system many times, but never in a home.
    You're totally right, though, it does eliminate the problem of holes all over your walls.

    Hmmm another thing to think about.

  6. Great idea - I've got Walker Display rods but my husband has never gotten around to putting up a rail system for me - maybe I'll show him this post to give him a boost! Looks great, by the way.