Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The latest goings-on

Surrounded by Vines 7" x 14" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This is a painting I just completed.  I took the reference photo a few years ago while we were boating up in British Columbia.  The original photo shows a lot of water below, but this was what I was thinking when I took the photo.  All that green with the bright white of the house in the sun just spoke to me.

I love the size of this one.  I had bought a couple of these to try awhile back.  I think I'll be buying a few more to have on hand when the right scene comes along.


Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard
by Ruth Phillips

Recently while reading an art blog (I can't remember who's blog it was now) I read about a book they were in the middle of reading.  This is a book written by the wife of Julian Merro-Smith of the Postcard from Provence blog, Ruth Phillips.  

After reading an excerpt of the book on Amazon I decided to purchase it. As soon as it arrived I found I could hardly put it down.  She is an excellent writer.  If you are looking for a new book to read I recommend this one. I know I will re-read this one a few times.

This is the book description from Amazon:
This is When an English painter moves to Provence in search of the muse, he is looking not only for artistic fulfillment but also for love, family and community. This funny and touching memoir chronicles his unconventional route towards almost everything he desires, whilst painting a vivid picture of how hard it can be for one man to face a blank canvas - even in paradise.


  1. Wow, Nancy -- this is a striking painting! Beautiful composition, and nice temperature shift with the greens. Love how the white house just pops. Interesting size also. Well done!

  2. I can't say it any better then Linda did. WOW

  3. Thank you so much Linda and Gaylynn. Words can not express how much your support means to me .. thanks bunches. I enjoyed painting this one.

  4. Love this painting. The size canvas fits the scene perfectly. I makes me want to experiment more with different sizes. I love the red roof and the shadows on the roof and house.

    I also ordered the book! It looks like a great read...when I am not painting!

  5. Nancy, this painting is gorgeous and makes me want to step into it. I love how you surrounded the house with loose brush strokes and the eye is lead into the painting with the fence and tiny flowers that echo the roof color. It is an outstanding composition all the way around.
    And thanks for the book recommendation!

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    This is a beautiful painting Nancy. I love the light and the different greens.

    I know well Julian Merrow-Smith's work that I discovered some years ago. He is one of the Painting a day day pionneer. He is a great artist.

  7. I think you are finding your style in oils! This is lovely - I love the clean colours and the shadows on the building.

  8. You are doing great with oils! Love the composition also!

    Thanks for the recommendation on that book. One of my painting buddies who lost his wife this fall loves Julian's work. I sent him the link to the Amazon description.

  9. Angela, thank you so much ... I hope I am finding my style, but maybe its just beautiful B.C. that makes this one look so good. *wink. I do love B.C. with a passion. Hope you are staying warm up there.

    Thank you Hoghart ... you know I appreciate your words.

    Faye... bless you.

    Maria, it you know Julian's work you'll appreciate this book ... to think they are every day people like us. I'm kinda new to different size supports ... this one was fun. Thanks for the nice comment on this painting.

  10. Thank you Nancy and Karen. I appreciate your taking the time to reply to my blog post. Thanks bunches.

  11. A beautiful painting Nancy. The house looks very natural settled there in the greenery, definitely a keeper.

    And I've heard several people mention this book. I must hunt down a copy for myself.

  12. Love it, Nancy. Can't wait to see it.

  13. A beautiful painting, Nancy, and I share your love for BC.I follow Julian Merrow-Smith's work, and hadn't realised that Ruth was his wife.I think I am going to roder her book, thank's for the information!

  14. Fabulous work Nancy! I love everything about this painting. The house is perfect with just the right amount of detail and looseness. Congratulations on a wonderful piece!

  15. I love the red/orange roof against all the green and the white just sings.
    I'll check out the book.
    A recent read I liked very much was, The Paris Wife about Hemingway's first wife Hadley.
    Beautifully written and a great story.