Sunday, January 22, 2012


I decided to work on some paintings that I didn't think were painted as well as I had hoped.  The first one  I had started a long, long, time ago, back in 2007 (make sure and read both the blog post from the 24th and the 26th ... funny thing happened... has that ever happened to you?)
I worked on it a little yesterday and just couldn't seem to get the sky and the trail into the dense wooded area to look right, so I eliminated that darn awkward fence that was in the middle of the painting and just made a path and more brush.

8" x 10" oil
I like the bottom one - the after one -best, but I'm still not sure this is what I was hoping for when I started it back in June 2007.

6" x 8" Potted Primrose - oil
Also, I thought my primrose painting looked awkward with the blossoms and the leaves in the back upper left sticking up... even though this is what the plant looked like with I started painting.  I painted over what I didn't like and reworked a couple of flowers.  What do you think?  Maybe now its too perfect?

So what about you:
  • Do you always let your painting set for a week or more to see how they read to you before you post them either on your blog or web-site?
  • So you ever re-work a painting that is from a couple of years ago?
  • Do you just put the paintings you don't like into the garbage or do you save them and try to do something with them at a later date?


  1. Great post, Nancy! Your reworking these two paintings made a big difference, yet the first paintings were lovely. I usually post after I've painted something -- unless it's a real disaster. I never throw a painting out. Generally a bad painting goes on a shelf, until I'm motivated to revisit it.

  2. Nancy,The 1st painting I like the way you changed the scene. It makes more sense. In the second painting you need to put one of the leaves back in, but leave it in shadow. You did a good job on both.
    Funny that you ask these questions as I restarted a painting today. So yes, I have began again. I always let a painting sit for a few weeks before framing (unless I am on a deadline). I have reworked a painting that was only a few months old. As for the ones I don't like...I have them in a pile. I haven't brought myself to throw them away.

  3. Nancy you did a great job reworking these. The first has more depth and life to it. The second pulls my eye into the flowers.

    I rework paintings all the time. I do let them sit for a week or month! and review them before I make the decision if they're fit to be framed.

    I've reworked paintings anywhere from a few weeks to a few years old. My oldest was a portrait of my father started 20+ years previous. :) I love how I can look at things with fresh eyes and bring new life to it.

  4. What a great post and a great learning experience for me! I have some paintings that don't work in a stack...I will revisit them this week! I love the top one...the way the path shows depth of field really works and the water just glistens. Thanks so much!

  5. So many questions, Nancy. I usually walk away from a painting and look at it again in the morning. If it passes then, I try to leave it alone. Great post!

  6. great post, Nancy..I like your revisions. For myself, I generally don't revisit paintings, except to paint over them completely. I blog what I do the same day that I do it. I plan to get rid of some of my old-old paintings, there is no sense in keeping them.

  7. Hi Nancy, I always put my paintings on the easel a few days to "tweak" them at the end, but not the WIPs, those are what you see . . .
    I usually don't rework, but might repaint if I think I can do better and the subject still holds my interest. I think in w/c reworking makes them look dull.
    Failed paintings are turned over and used as "scratch pads" unless the painting went soooooo bad that it needs to be burned!

  8. Hi, Nancy,
    Recently I take back several paintings that I was not very satisfied with.I tried to perform the color, the background, or something else.Generally I am quite glad with the modifications, maybe I was the one who changed, and I needed that, I don't know.Thank you for dropping by my blog, my work is not always good!ow