Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Potted Primrose

Potted Primrose 6" x 8" canvas 

I bought these primroses day before yesterday, when I was at the grocery store, for $1.50 apiece.  I only bought one ... now I wish I would have bought a yellow and a blue one also to use as a prop.  Wouldn't that be a nice to have all three framed on a wall?  I like how I can see some of the toned canvas here and there through out the painting.  Dang, I may need to go back to the store for the other two colors ....


  1. Nancy, this painting is very striking! I really like the placement of the flowers, off to the side. The bright flowers really stand out against the gorgeous, muted grey background. Very nice!

  2. Yes, go to the store and get some more. You've done a beautiful job.

  3. Ohhhh, thanks for such nice comments. I sincerely appreciate you both taking the time to reply to my post.
    Not sure about the other colors ... I was in town yesterday and forgot to look for them. Thanks again it was fun to paint them.

  4. Very nicely done. I struggle with flowers quite a bit, but you seem to be quite the master. ;)

  5. Thank you Dave. That was a really nice thing to say.

  6. Hi Nancy! Your dedication and perseverance are inspiring! The primroses are subtle and full of life. One of these days, we will meet on the water near Olympia and paint together! I look forward to that day.

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    Happy New Year! Katherine

  7. When I lived in London I was close to Primrose Hill. There weren't any primroses there lol. But, they are lovely little old fashioned flowers, aren't they?