Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back Yard Snow ...

Back Yard Snow 8" x 6" Oil

With only a few days left until 2011 comes to an end I wanted to paint one last painting before the new year, something wintery.  Looking through a stack of old photos I found a view of our back yard in a house we lived in before we moved here, a winter scene filled with snow.  Our back yard (at the time) butted up to a 20 acre forest and a trail from our back yard ran through the forest and led to a creek then on back home.  In the summer time the forest was a cool place to hike when it was hot outside.  This view is just to the left of the trail.

All comments and critique are welcome.


  1. I love it! The warm colors in the snow draw me into the picture. . .makes me want to put on my boots and go walking between the trees. Happy New Year, Nancy!

  2. Thank you sooo much for your comment. I see a few things I'd do different next time ... but I'm so happy to have gotten one painting done before the end of the year.

  3. Lovely winter look Nancy. The browns have a lot of life to them and add warmth.

    It looks a lot like my garden which rolls on forever into woods.

  4. I like that shadow in the snow--very nice painting!

  5. Very nice work! Happy New YEar.

  6. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Happy New Year Nancy !

    May the muse visit you often and bestow beauty and creativity on you in 2012.