Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm happy ...

Reflections ~ 5"x7"~ oil

I've painted a holiday painting and I'm happy with it.  Two amazing things when you think about it.

I have two of these small inexpensive panels measuring 5" x 7".  I thought it would be nice to use them both for ornament paintings.

Its amazing all the reflections you can see in a round object.  It really makes you focus your attention on shapes, not named objects.  I really enjoyed painting this one.  I'm happy .....


  1. You can surely be proud of this painting - and it will make a terrific Christmas card! Good work

  2. you should be happy...love the painting...nice composition

  3. Deb, thank you. I was thinking that also. Not sure it will be done this year, but maybe next year.

    Jani, thanks bunches. I can't believe that I could paint the shiny object after my weird attempts earlier. Maybe it was the practice and seeing where I needed to focus? Thank you.

  4. Its a beautiful, rich red and very seasonal. You have every reason to be happy with it.

    Painting reflective pieces is such fun.

  5. Thank you Katherine. It feels nice to finally do one I'm happy with. Happy Holidays ... enjoy the new baby for the the first Christmas.

    Thanks Jeanette. I couldn't agree more, reflective pieces are a lot of fun to paint. Who knows I may even frame this one.

  6. Yes, you should be pleased with this. It's very appealing, beautiful composition and of course, seasonal!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. WOW, you are doing great with the oils! I love it! I really like the foliage too - very realistic,

  8. Anonymous11:11 AM

    You enjoyed painting this piece and we enjoyed watching it.
    Very good work Nancy.
    I also thought of a painting or two with holidays spirit.

  9. This is a lovely little painting. I really like the richness of your colors and the composition.
    It would make a great Christmas card!