Thursday, January 13, 2011

WARNING, do not try this at home ...

Color charts, when done slowly and done well can not only be beautiful, but, so helpful.  I love mixing color, but wow can you create a huge mess attempting to make one of these charts.  I had oil paint on my face, up my arms all over my hands ... and I was being careful, LOL.

I started out with the original color right out of the tube, or mixed with another pigment right out of the tube, gradually adding white to each square going down.  I mixed white with the color in the top of each column to progressively get a lighter value of that color.  The bottom 5 rows I added a trace amount of black, or yellow or blue etc.   I'm using a very limited palette of Cad Yellow Light,  Permanent Red Medium and Ultramarine Blue.... plus black and white.  Even with this limited palette the color combinations can still continue on.

I'm sure there was an easier less wasteful way to mix my paints.  I feel when I was done I had way too large of a pile of brownish muck left over.  See the pile on the left front of my palette.  Also see my medium and turp cup open on my palette (Am I talking like one of the big kids now?) I did not thin or use medium with any of todays project,  I just used some thinner to clean up a mess I had made on myself.

And finally,  the above photo is my finished charts for today.  
I had read that the tape you use to section each square off with should be taken off soon after painting the charts ... thats where most of my face and arms got into the project.

Don't try this at home or else you could end up with paint where you least expect it.
Oh what fun I had!


  1. KEWL!! You have SUCH patience. This is a great way to learn and it is so beautiful. I wouldn't call it a waste of time or paint. Now you can feel confident with this part, and get into the painting that much quicker.

  2. Whew! I'm impressed. I'll bet you are quite proud of yourself. You are building a great foundation that can only benefit you in the long run.

  3. One of these days Nancy I'm going to try oils. I love seeing your progression. And color charts are a huge help and not a waste of time.