Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another oil attempt

So as not to give up and get too discouraged I thought I'd try another oil.  I started out by blocking in the shapes and did not remember once to look for shapes after that.

I need to write myself notes and put them on my easel.

This is pretty small ... 6" x 4".  Still, it was fun.


  1. Great job...it looks very good to me, really lovely shapes!

  2. Wow - from where I'm sitting that looks amazing, Nancy!

  3. You are gaining ability quickly - the orange and this boat are very good!

  4. Thanks Celeste for your encouragement.

    Oh my Casey .. too generous ! thank you.

    Deb, I am not sure why, but I find I have such an interest all of a sudden in oils...... go figure. Thanks Deb.

  5. Boats are not easy . . . so many lines and angles. But you have done a great job! Thanks for sharing your process with us; it's very interesting.