Sunday, January 09, 2011

How fun ...

I've been going through Charles Sovek's book "Oil Painting Develop Your Natural Ability" chapter by chapter.  I had been stuck on Chapter 2, Looking At The World Through Colored Glasses. Some of what he was telling me was not making any sense to me.  Finally after re-reading it many times, then, leaving it alone for awhile I think I'm understanding it a little better.

Here are some exercises I've done from both Sovek's book as well as Macpherson's Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light & Color.

The above exercise was from Chapter 2 exercise 8.  Lightening & Darkening the Home Value of Color

This was my favorite exercise, from Kevin Macpherson's book.  I was to match the color at the top.  Looking at the color, figuring out was it lighter than the blue from the tube, cooler, warmer etc.  Lots of fun.  I think this will require a lot of experience before it comes easy.

I am using a very limited palette.  Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow, Permanent Red Medium, plus black and white, so the above exercise didn't take long at all.   I was to make a value scale from black to white, then add my colors under the value that matched my pigments.

I love the challenge of a limited palette and learning to mix just the right color.  I also spent some time   mixing a bunch of different greens but I couldn't get a photograph to show all the wonderful differences.  I did take notes but not as detailed as I will next time.  Next on my list of things to do is color charts ... yippee, more color mixing.

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