Monday, January 10, 2011

Lets talk

I'm probably one of the few people who is confused by the fact that I have three (is there more) choices as to how to receive someones latest blog post.

  • I can subscribe to their blog.  Sign up on the opening page of their blog if they have a subscription box.  
  •  RSS feeds ... come right next to my mailbox.   or 
  •  become a Follower.  

The problem I see is that if you don't become a Follower, fellow bloggers can see who is 'following' them and will wonder why isn't 'so and so' following me.  Unless I go to my blog and look to see what fellow bloggers are up to the new blog posts can be missed.

When you subscribe to a blog that means you receive e-mails in your box.   If you don't get too much mail already this might be a good way to get the updates.

Then there's Subscription through rss feeds.  They are there right beside my mail box and yet easy to ignore until I have the time to sit and enjoy them.  This is my favorite way to be updated.

  • Does anyone else feel confused by the choices like I do?   
  • Which is your chosen method of blog up-dates? and, 
  • What if  someone would rather subscribe by rss feeds and drops the other way of receiving your update... no one can tell if they are followed by rss feeds as I understand it.
Wanna talk?


  1. I just use Google Reader. I can set it to just show what blogs have new entries. Of course, sometimes I get behind in reading, but at least I can decide when I want to read it.

  2. Gosh..... I have forgotten all about Google Reader. Thanks for bringing that up. It will be interesting to see what others use.

  3. I use Google reader to follow blogs - that way if I follow someone by RSS or by doing the Google Friend Connect thing, I can read both on the reader. But for managing my blog subscriptions, I use FeedBurner, which tracks ALL my followers.

  4. Until I read your post I had never noticed the "Google Reader" link. I like it's format. Thanks.
    Nancy, I have always been reluctant to become a "Follower" because it feels a bit like being a "Groupie".LOL. I very often look at blogs, without commenting, for that reason. Does that sound strange?

  5. I use the follow thingy (my high tech word!) and those blogs are then in my Google Reader. It's efficent and I can keep up with what is going on. There needs to be some way to visit the blogs you enjoy and that seems to work for me. I've thought about adding feed burner, but I don't know what the advantages would be over what I already use. Interesting topic!