Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm just sayin'

Is this a coincidence?

This top photo is of  an oil painting  that I cut out of an art magazine years ago.  I think it was an ad for a gallery as I remember it.  I liked the colors, the subject, the design. 

In the bottom picture on the right hand side you see the original photograph that I had cut out of a magazine ...see my start at trying to copy the photograph on the left?  So what do you think, is this just a coincident that the first oil painting I had cut out of a magazine years ago looks just like the photo of the same place I had torn out of an old magazine?

Anyway as you can see  I'm still puttering around with oils.  Not sure what I'm learning if anything.  I'm forgetting to thin my oils and end up with such a thick mess.  I'm not really trying to mix the proper colors, then get frustrated at the mess that I've created.  Even with the down sides I'm still loving the oils. With a workshop coming up I'll learn some guidelines and have something to go on.

Oh and..... how do you guys ever make a straight line.  My poor deck in the above photo was big then small and the pilings were so fat no one would know what they were.  I'm thinking part of my problem was that I had too much thick paint I was trying to paint on instead of thin paint.


  1. I think it's obvious that the original painter used the same scene. It is a very interesting composition.

    I have trouble painting straight lines also. Do you have a palette knife? It's useful for getting a nice sharp line, especially if you are using thick paint.

    I think you are doing great with oils! Keep playing!

  2. I really like it. You should do more oils.

  3. Apparently both artists recognized all the elements of a terrific scene to paint! I like the palette knife suggestion too.
    It reminds me of the instructor who said that "only the homeowner counts the windows".