Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Art of a Sketchbook - Friday

For my sketches this week I chose to share a couple of tubes of paint I had sketched.
This is a tube of Gamblin Titanium White. 

The sketch above is of a Rembrandt tube of paint.  
I didn't write down the color but I'm guessing its Permanent Red Medium.
Its always fun to try and sketch the dents and twists of a used paint tube.

If you haven't tried sketching older paint tubes them give it a try.  I find I
really need to concentrate on just what I am seeing.

This is a piece of sandstone rock I found a few years ago.  
Isn't it neat the way its shaped like a cat?  Isn't it amazing when you
can find things in nature that takes on the shape of something else?
On another note: I've been busy finishing a commission and now I'm organizing my oil painting photos into jpg's and tiff's in different sizes so they will be ready when I need to print or share on the internet. Even though I haven't been oil painting a long time this has proved to be a much larger project than I expected.

As soon as I finish this project I want to revisit some of my oils that I think need just a little more work to become better paintings.  I usually paint something then as time goes by I think "this is a nice start but it needs to be finished. "  I want to finish some older work.


  1. Well, that's a wonderful tube of Gamblin Tit White and that reminds me, I need another tube myself. I prefer the Gamblin Tit-Zinc White though, if for no other reason that it doesn't stiffen up in the tube like the Tit White does. This was a painting tip learned from Jennifer McChristian and if it's good enough for her, who am I to argue? :)

  2. In Michigan we like to comb the beaches for our State Fossil, the Petoskey stone. They are found in all sizes, and make interesting polished jewelry. I'll try to post a picture of one.

  3. Amazing that getting organized takes so long but once done it is so nice.

  4. I love seeing your sketchbooks and they inspire me so! I haven't tried to sketch a tube of paint but it is on my list now!