Friday, May 03, 2013

A week-end full of art ...

This last week-end, April 27th, I was fortunate to see two exciting Seattle museum exhibitions.  The Seattle Art Museum was showing works of Gainsborough, Hals Reynolds, Romney, Turner, Van Dyke & Rembrandt, and The Frye Museum was showing works of Nicolai Fechin .  You can read more about Nicolai Fechin here on Matthew D. Innis very informative blog "Underpaintings.  

All the work was amazing but at the Seattle Art Museum I was most amazed at all of the Rembrandt etchings on display.  It was impressive to see so many at one time.

At the Frye Museum they are showing 55 paintings and drawings of Nicolai Fechin.  His work is also awe inspiring.  He used thick paint with purposefully placed brush strokes. If you get an opportunity to see his work do not hesitate.

I felt so fortunate to be able to see all this great work and to see it all in one week-end was amazing.

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  1. Opportunities like this are not to be missed. They inspire us and recharge our painting batteries.