Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beach Grasses

Small study on paper 6" x 8"

This started out approximately 8" x 8".  After completing the painting I looked at it for awhile and I wasn't happy with the foreground so I decided to  cropped it in Photoshop.   Now I like it better - cropped.  In the cropped out foreground I had attempted to put in some wet sand  that was partially in shade and had some of the  grasses, but I couldn't pull it off to make it look realistic.... crop, crop, crop.

So, what do you see?  
  • What time of day is it?  
  • Whats the overall feeling, mood? 
  • Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring?
I'll give you a clue. This doesn't look anything like the photo reference I worked from.

Today, I'll attempt to paint another.  Today, I'll do a value sketch.  Today, I'll put in my shaded areas first.  Today I'll start out with a list of things I must remember as I work.  Todays a new day.


  1. To me it feels like a blustery day...either fall or early sping. I can feel the wind.

  2. Early morning, fall? It doesn't have to look like the photo!

  3. Thanks Linda for your comment ... must be the clouds that give the feeling of wind.

    Deb ... you are right. I think its called 'artistic license', huh?

    You are both on the right track. It was an early morning walk ...Clouds and a breeze. Maybe late summer or early fall.

  4. Anonymous12:37 AM

    I thought that was on morning because of the color of the sky and in fall because of the color of the herbs.
    I like very much.

  5. I like this quite a bit. I think you have done well on the sense of distance in the lighter bluer trees. I'm feeling spring because of hints of green within the dried grasses. I think it's more of a alpine view with a prairie in front. I'd be glad to grant your Artistic License!! LOL I don't think you need to show your reference photo - I need to stop that myself. Keep them guessing!

  6. I would have said early morning as well. Great job of capturing the quality of morning light.

  7. What I LOVE about this is that it appears that you painted it on-the-spot. Lots of paintings that are done from photos have a "dead" look--this shows you did not just fall off a turnip truck! lol. There have been times when I cropped an oil painting by physically chopping it off. Somewhat unconventional but whatever works. I love the fresh clean colors and beautiful tree shapes.

  8. I guessed fall to. Whatever time of day or year, it is a well done image.