Friday, February 18, 2011

The 10 minute challenge

10 (?) minute glass float painting exercise

Hey, I did it.  Well, somewhat did it.  Carol Marine challenged us to set our timer for 10 minutes and paint an object ..... 8 or so small square paintings (I was nervous and thought I'd just attempt painting 4) and choose one item to paint.  I chose a small Japanese glass fishing float.  (I bet you're glad I told you what these were suppose to be, huh?)

I started in the lower left corner.  That was #1 and I forgot to set my timer but it was counting and when I stopped painting I had painted for 13 minutes.   I'm a slow learner and did the same thing with the second painting, the lower right.  I had forgot to set the timer to stop again and when I realized it, I stopped at 12 minutes.  #3 is the upper left hand corner and I finally had set the timer for 10 minutes.  Yeah, I can learn! theres hope after all *giggle.  And, last, but in my case not least is the upper right, #4 10 minute painting.  And I think the best.
I'm not sure there were any rules about pre-mixing your paints, which I did, or if you were to mix as you went.  
It was such a fun challenge.  I can see where it would benefit an artist to warm up for your painting session this way.


  1. I have one of these floats. My dad found it in Ketchican, Alaska in 1939. It's on my list to paint! I see definate improvement between 1 and 4. It is ok to pre-mix. I did! And often do!

  2. Hey, Nancy . . . good job! I like that you did something different. I don't know what a Japanese fishing float is; but I like the reflections. Your story of the timer made me laugh.

  3. Nice one! I knew what it was when I saw the 4 square painting!! They used to wash up on the Pacific shore many many years ago. I never found one but, I did see what others had found. I love the beautiful green color!!

  4. Anonymous1:17 AM

    I do not know what is a flot is but I recognize immediately glass before reading your words :o)
    You did a good work with the light and those greens.

  5. Hi Nancy--You picked a super challenging object for this exercise in the glass ball. And then you really got the hang of it--#4 is beautifully done. Thanks for commenting on my "10 minute paintings" on my blog! This is such a good exercise--humbling and learning wise.

  6. haha...leave it to you to paint a glass float! lol...that is a tall order! You did a remarkably good job, and I recognized what it was immediately. I think perhaps were born to paint.

  7. Well, #4 is VERY good, but my favorite is #2. It has just the right amount of information.