Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More 10 minute exercises

Number 1 is starting at the top left, number 8 bottom right.  I'm thinking I like number 7 the best and yet none of them turned out as I had hoped.  I couldn't get the color of the perfume correct.  
It is very pale with hardly any color to it. And my shadows .... huh, what was I thinking?
 I think I would have done better to put it on something colorful instead of something white. 
 Having said all that I enjoy these 10 minute exercises.  You really don't have time to dwell on anything. Think about it and move on.  Things I know I'm having issue with is not thinning my paint when I should then having to stop and thin some, forgetting that dark is usually thin, light paint is usually thicker.
So what do you think, was my first mistake not putting the perfume bottle on something with more color?  Also that I should have thinned my paint before I started the painting?

I have one green apple and before it is eaten or dies a shriveled death I think I will try the 10 minute exercise with it.
Fun times ... I'm enjoying this journey.


  1. I like your spirit, Nancy . . . just jump in and try new things. Great job! Sometimes it's fun to experiment; that is, as long as you're painting the 10-minute studies, try mixing it up a little by using different color combinations as PKR would do. Of course, I should have done that when I painted my apples!

  2. I think you are getting the hang of oil painting. The exercises are interesting; you can improve without the anxiety of a finished painting, although some of these may turn out as small finished pieces as you go along.

  3. I think you and I could get together and just do these 10 minutes paintings all day! I continue to do them - they are fun and I learn a lot from them! Great job!!