Wednesday, July 27, 2016

:: A Day at Crescent Beach ::

A Day at Crescent Beach-N.VanBlaricom
A Day at Crescent Beach, 8" x 10", oil on canvas board, © Nancy Van Blaricom

A month or so ago we were riding along the Strait (Juan de Fuca Strait ) and stopped at a well known beach on the Peninsula, Crescent Beach.  Usually there is a lot of people enjoying the sand and wading in the water, but this day there was only a handful of people.

It wasn't a particularly cold day, but we had an overcast sky that was touched with some pink.

I made sure and take some photos while we were there and although I tried to duplicate on canvas what I saw that day I never did get the results I was trying for.
I am continuing to practice the new to me painting methods I've recently felt were working for me.

It is a slow process.  Two steps forward, one step back it seems ... but I'm still feeling very positive.

Until I feel more comfortable with the new work  I will continue to share some of the work I've done since our move.

Pimiento in a Jar-N.VanBlaricom
Pimientos in Jar sketch


  1. The beach painting looks fresh and atmospheric. Its difficult to not have the real thing right in front of you but having been there you're at a better advantage than most when painting from a photograph.

    What are the new techniques you're trying? Trying new things is always a good thing to push us out of our comfort zone and find new and often better ways of capturing the world.

  2. Sigh* I had a whole long reply to your comment typed out and accidentally deleted it. I'll try again, lol.

    I did kind of make the 'new technique' statement sound mysterious didn't I? I shouldn't have.
    I have always been a small brush, detail, nit picking type of painter ... you know, the work it to death type artist. Well, recently I finally gave the bigger brush & lay it down in one or two strokes approach another try and it was wonderful! I finally understand.

    I've been working on this and will continue to try this approach. Its not always pretty, but I am feeling more comfortable with this approach. I'm hoping to share some stuff by September. Most of my August filled with things other than oil painting but 'look out' September.

    Thanks so much Jeanette for taking the time from you busy to schedule to comment. I always welcome hearing from you.