Wednesday, July 20, 2016

:: Growth Spurt ::

Recently, since our move, I've done some re-evaluating of my art.  I haven't been able to make the art I've been feeling or wanting to share.  Something is missing. 

Sequim Bay Water,  6" x 6" Oil on Canvas, © N. Van Blaricom
Sky at Port Williams,  6" x 6" Oil on Canvas, © N. Van Blaricom 2016

The work I want to produce is loose and more impressionistic.
Growth takes work and time dedicated to learning.

With a critical eye I'm evaluating my work. I see where I am weak and where I need to concentrate my efforts. I feel I'm up to the challenge.

Recently I found that I need to be brave and try things in my art that I hadn't before.  Maybe it was that I didn't have anyone to show me or tell me where I was going wrong.  Not too long ago I discovered a different method for me.  And I was happy with the results.

In the next few months I hope to share with you some growth in my work.
Until then ... the above photo is a painting from a couple of months ago.

I feel a growth spurt in the making. Wish me luck ... 


  1. I'm with you - having the same issues! Hope it works for you and you let me in on the secret! Good luck, I'll be watching!

  2. I LOVE the sparkles on the water!! Beautiful painting! Excited to hear a growth spurt is forthcoming!

  3. Nancy, the secret is that I'm finally listening to what I've heard for years. "Loosen up and use bigger brushes". I've always been a tiny brush, detail the painting to death, kind of painter. I think for now the difference is that I've given it a try and feel good with what I've produced … even in my painted value sketches. Thats very promising to me. I'm trying not to become frustrated but just keep working at it. As they say, practice makes perfect.

  4. Thank you Donna. I do like painting water … or attempting to paint water. We have some beautiful waters here. Lakes, rivers and ocean. I'm going to keep trying to capture some of the beautiful water scenes we have here. I'm taking lots of photos for reference to practice with. Thanks for the encouragement.