Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Art of a Sketchbook - Friday

A weeks worth of sketches ...

I started my week by sketching a metal hair clip. Then each morning I would find something else to add to the same page until I had a weeks worth of items on the page.   

These are in my Barnes and Nobel sketchbook.  It is approximately 6" x 9", hard cover, spiral bound with smooth paper ... currently my favorite sketchbook.

You can click on the image to enlarge the weeks worth of sketches.
Below are close-ups of each item on the page, in no particular order.

Metal hair clip

Plastic hair clip

Tape measure

Nail clippers

Small plastic spray bottle of eye glass cleaner

Metal paper clip

Hair rubber band

I recently thought that after one year of posting about my sketchbooks I would stop the weekly blog post The Art of a Sketchbook.  But today I searched through my blog and see I started weekly posting about them back on April 20 2012.  

I have changed my mind ... for now I will continue sharing them with you.

See if you can't sketch one item a day ... it takes no time at all.  Happy sketching!


  1. Your sketches are an inspiration to draw daily. I have been thinking about doing so. My question are: Do you think that your daily sketches have improved your skills in drawing? What have you learned by sketching an object(s) or location? Do you always begin with the thought that you are trying to do your best or are you always experimenting with colors, style...?

  2. I've been sketching, too. You've been an inspiration in getting me back in practice. The idea of taking one page and devoting it to a week's worth of small subjects is a good idea.

  3. Thank you Gaylynn ... I'm so happy to see you back blogging ! To answer your questions, I most definitely feel that the daily sketches have improved my skills in drawing. Maybe next weeks blog post will be my first couple of sketches my books and also sketches from more recently. I usually don't start out experimenting, only thinking somewhere along the lines of ' I never use my colored pencils, I think I'll see how they look in my sketchbook .. maybe do a whole book in colored pencil'. My goal in sketching is usually to make the object 'look' like the object it is ... I'm not into perfection, just draw it so that it's recognizable. I don't always accomplish that either, such as the hair band in this post ... it makes you wonder, what the heck is that? lol. I think I usually concentrate on value before anything else. I don't feel I'm very good at sketching, but, I enjoy trying. If you have no other medium around you almost always have a pen or pencil and a scrap of paper. No excuse for not doing some art. :-)

  4. At our last art club meeting we had an 'in-house' demo from a member who is a retired auto designer. He showed us how simple cars are to draw using shapes and perspective. It changed the ideas of many of us, not to be afraid to put a car into our drawings.

  5. I love your sketches...and you have inspired me also. I sketch more because of your influence. I would miss your Friday sketchbook series...

  6. Wonderful idea!
    One little bit each day builds upon another, until by week's end, skills develop.
    Just a great idea to break a large goal of skill building down into easily taken bite-sized pieces!

    And, I like the size of this sketchbook, easy to take anywhere.

  7. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I must take your advice Nancy and try to draw everyday.