Sunday, June 09, 2013

North to Alaska ...

Back in 2001, we, my husband and I, took a cruise to Alaska.  One of the places we went was Ketchikan.  Ketchikan receives over 13 feet of rainfall a year ... thats right, over 13 feet in a year.  That makes northwest Washington look very dry in comparison.

This last week we took another Alaskan cruise and Ketchikan was one of the ports-of-call.

The reference photo for the watercolor painting below (painted in 2002) was from the original cruise we took.  It could have been from this trip because it looked exactly the same this last week as when we were there in 2001 except we saw a boat coming from the opposite direction, can you believe it?

Ketchikan 22" x 30", Watercolor, © 2002-2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

Below is a sketch of a totem pole. I used my inexpensive sketchbook that I purchased at Barnes and Noble awhile back.  It has inexpensive paper in it like printer paper.  Smooth and easy to draw on.

If you are interested in Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art you might be interested in the book Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art by Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark.  It's the best book I've seen on the subject.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    A wretched weather but a beautiful misty watercolor!

  2. Beautiful!!!

    I think you really captured the feeling of the atmosphere in this one!

  3. From eggs to Alaska...very interesting blog you have here, Nancy.

    Your sketches are beautiful, who knew a bowl of eggs could have so much interest!