Monday, June 24, 2013

McLane Cove, Revisited ....

McLane Cove,- revisited, 6" x 8" Oil on canvas panel, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

Awhile back I did the Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  I put so much pressure on myself to get one painting done a day that I never did enjoy it. None of the paintings I did looked finished to me and never did it get easier for me. Maybe later when I have a few more paintings behind me I could try this challenge again, but I'm still not there yet.

During the 30 days I did produce a few that I thought had good 'bones' so I saved them thinking I could rescue them with just a little more work.  

Below is the original painting. You can see that I made a number of changes.  I worked on the sky and mountains and gave some reflections in the water.  Much better! (it really does look better in person).

McLane Cove, - original, 6" x 8" Oil on canvas panel, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom


  1. Am I right, that you posted this painting previously? I seem to recognize it.

  2. I love this revisited. I know what you mean about the 30 in 30 challenge. It is a good exercise for me but I feel it makes me compromise my process in order to produce every day.

  3. Oh, yes!
    So much better!
    But, I do think both were for their individual purpose: the first to quickly capture lighting, colors, etc., to make quick initial comparisons for an overall composition that works (and you did that well!). And second to revise, and again, you did that superbly!