Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Art of a Sketchbook - Friday

Tools of the trade ....

I use a number of different tools - mediums, in my sketchbooks and today I thought I'd share them with you.  In the above photo I was celebrating spring and used watercolor for the first page of this sketchbook.  If you don't go too heavy with the water it doesn't wrinkle the pages too much.

On these two pages I used my favorite Pilot pen.  I love this pen because of the shading capabilities when you moisten the ink with water.

Of coarse pencils, all sizes and degrees of hardness, are a favorite.

Here I used a couple of markers.  A black Sharpie and a cool gray Prismacolor marker.  Great for value sketches.

I don't use crayons as often as I'd like ... I seem to forget about them if they aren't sitting out where I can see them instead of tucked away in a drawer.

Also, I have forgotten to include photos of pastel pages.  I haven't use pastels very often, but I do have a few in my sketchbooks that I've sprayed with a fixative... not my favorite.

Don't limit yourself to only pencils ... other mediums make for some fun sketching also.
On another note I wanted to share with you that I am still working at learning more about painting with oils and hope, before long, to share a few things I've been working on with emphases on values and composition.  I work slow but hopefully before too long I will post some work.

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