Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Art of a Sketchbook - Friday

Some times I get very brave and sketch something with a pen only.  Each item picked to be the only item (s) on the page of my sketchbook.  If it doesn't turn out I can always cover it with another piece of paper.

Sketchbook, ink & watercolor, Laundry Basket, © 2013, Nancy Van Blaricom

Laundry basket with a touch of watercolor added for a shadow.

Sketchbook, ink & watercolor, Leaves, © 2013, Nancy Van Blaricom

Fallen leaves from imagination.   Drawn bravely,  then some watercolor for a shadow and colors to emphasize the time of year.

Sketchbook, ink & watercolor, Tape Dispenser, © 2013, Nancy Van Blaricom

A tape dispenser sitting on my desk.  

Sketchbook, ink & watercolor, Pears, © 2013, Nancy Van Blaricom

Pears .... from a magazine. Kind of experimenting by not outlining each pear.

Be brave and try something you haven't tried before.  Your sketchbook is a great place to experiment.


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  1. I love these little ink sketches and the bits of color are great. I don't do anything in ink!!! Maybe sometime soon???