Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Finished: Almost Home

Almost Home

Almost Home, 24" x 36", oil on canvas, ©2012, Nancy Van Blaricom

I finished this painting mid April and before we are in the full swing of summer I thought I'd better show you how my first large painting turned out. You may remember that I posted some preliminary work for this larger painting here.

Sometimes when I post work on my blog I think it looks good and then other times I think they look better in person.  I like this one better in person.

This painting took longer than I expected it would, but, I took my time so that I didn't  rush it and lose what I loved about the scene ... the sun peeking through the trees falling across the road an into the trees. It took my breath away.

The frame should be ready later this week ...
What color frame would you have chosen?


  1. Love this painting! I can feel the sunshine as it begins it's climb on that cold morning. I like the ruts in the snow from tires and you did a lovely job on the evergreens. As for the frame...something dark, deep brown or black with maybe a gold trim.

  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Very well done Nancy. The paintings look always better in person. Even a very good photo cannot do justice to a good painting. This is my opinion :o)
    As for the frame, I cannot give you a suggestion for I am at lost when I must frame my paintings.

  3. agree about a dark frame...it's a nice painting. It will look good in whatever you chose :)

  4. Beautiful Nancy! I remember the study and this larger piece is even more beautiful. The colors in the snow are wonderful and I love the peeks of sunlight crossing the street.

  5. Hi Nancy! I know I told you when you posted the preliminary work how much I loved the "story" in this painting. so much so that when I was teaching my last watercolour class I used it as an example of how even a simple subject can have an impact. Even though it wasn't a watercolour! My students loved it as much as I do.

  6. Feel the cold early morning! I love it that you didn't overdo the warmth of the sun on this cool landscape. Nicely done!