Monday, May 07, 2012

Summers Comin'

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Green Point Rapids B.C., 6" x 6" Oil on RayMar panel, © 2012, Nancy Van Blaricom

One of my all time favorite places to be is British Columbia.

I love the water, the boats, the wild life, the people ... the great places to explore on and near the water, its all yummy to me. With their renowned and spectacular scenery this scene is typical of what we often see when we are boating in B.C.  Yes, you are right, I could easily be on British Colombia's Tourist Board.

The photo reference for this painting was taken a few years ago on the inside passaage of Vancouver Island at Green Point Rapids.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one.  At first I wasn't sure how I was going paint the steep mountain in the background and then it became obvious, it was mostly smokey blues and grays because of the distance and the steepness.  The water that day was pretty calm with the sun sparkling on the water.  But, my main focus was the boat with its poles down to help keep it from rolling side to side too much.

Yes, I really loved painting this one.


  1. You are doing great with oils! I love the sparkle of the water and I like the simplicity of your background. Good Job!

  2. I love this one also Nancy! Love how you focused on the boat and made the background muted.

  3. Wonderful, Love the sparkle on the water very well done. Good composition and your love of the subject comes through.

  4. The water absolutely glistens! Love this one!

  5. This painting is absolutely lovely, Nancy. I love how you've captured the reflections in the water. Very nice!

  6. I can almost taste the salt in the air.

  7. I know exactly the area you mention! What a great painting!! You are obviously getting very comfortable with the medium and it shows! Brava!