Friday, June 10, 2011

That time of year ....

I realize I haven't posted on my blog for awhile, but its not that I haven't been busy.  I was asked to design a flyer for our little local art event and that took a bit of time.  I was given the words as well as the photos of artists work, I just had to put them all together in a manner that  looked good.  I think I accomplished that, what do you think?

Click to enlarge

Don't think I haven't been painting up a storm.  This time I'm using acrylic latex satin enamel. You guessed it, we are painting the outside out our house.  Whew, I'm beginning to see the end in sight so maybe before long I can post some work in oils.  Its that time of year when we find things that keep us busy both inside as well as outside.  Happy painting.


  1. Wonderful job, Nancy. Very professional. I appreciate your comments on my blog. Thanks for stopping bye.

  2. The flyer looks very nice Nancy! Super professional. :) And good luck with painting your house. I hate doing that, is that strange for an artist? It's just so, non creative! Hope you can get back to painting soon.

  3. Fabulous Flyer Nancy. Summer chores always get in the way of our studio time. is cleaning out "stuff" and getting rid of things. Looking forward to your oils when you get back at it.

  4. The flyer looks great! Too bad you haven't got to try your new Guerrilla painter box instead of painting the house! I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow AM. Have to leave my place around 5am to get to the airport... YIKES. I'll wave to you from the skies as I land at Tacoma! ;-)

  5. Wow, Nancy . . . I agree with the others. The flyer is very well done, and very professional. Watch out though, you may just have another job! :)

  6. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Very good job Nancy.
    I agree with you, taking your brushes to paint your house is very tiresome indeed. Sometimes, we have to do our duties, isn't it ?
    Looking forward your next paintings.